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한국어를 원하시면 사이트 맨 하단에 언어를 변경하세요. 



If you need another language, please contact us by email [email protected] 

$10 1,000 points
$20 2,200 points
$30 3,400 points 

(* Can be downloaded only when it is over 100 point)
(*VIP materials can be downloaded at 1500 points or more)

https://www.paypal.me/c2nj2 or
Paypal : [email protected] (only USD)

After the transfer, please let us know the amount on the 1: 1 board.  

Bitcoin : 1LEURc9BR8ZzBXKnRgv3J8fQWroHZiNFWv  

PS. Login +2 points (once a day)
1 Year : 365x2 = 730 Free Point!

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